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"Focus" - Original Painting

"Focus" - Original Painting


Artist - Stella Löninger

Title - "Focus"

Size - 50 by 70 cm | 19 by 27 in

Year - 2018

Medium - Acrylics and 23 Carat Gold Leaf on Canvas

This original painting is 50 cm by 70 cm in size and painted on canvas with 23 carat gold leaf (crown and ballerina shoes). Provided with a protective layer (varnish) to maintain the color brilliance.


Arrives with a signed certificate of authenticity, love note and a gift from the studio.


This portrait of the wonderful Michaela dePrince really means a lot to me. Michaela is a Sierra Leonian professional ballet dancer who lost her parents at a very young age in the war. After her adoption she pursued a career as prima ballerina although some of her teachers told her it's a waste of time because of her skin colour. But Michaela never gave up and formerly danced even with the Dance Theatre of Harlem as the youngest dancer in the history of the company. Currently she dances as a soloist for the Dutch National Ballet and since the year 2016 Michaela is a goodwill ambassador with the Dutch Organisation War Child, based in Amsterdam.

I painted her as a proud young woman with a strong mind focusing on her goals and passions. Neither distractions from outside nor unfriendly environments can take away her hopes and dreams. Standing in a waterfall of light she embraces pure elegance, beauty and strength.
She stood against the tide and negative surroundings and won the battle.
To underline her beauty I've painted her crown and ballet shoes with 23 carat gold leaf.


* Please note that the colors may vary slightly depending on the monitor settings. A certificate of authenticity is signed by the artist and sent with the painting.

© 2021 Stella Löninger

  • Care Instructions

    You should always dust or frame your painting. Protect it especially from places where the surface could get wet (like kitchen / bathroom). Please keep your painting away from direct sunlight.


  • Shipping

    We ship worldwide!

    Delivered directly to your door via world-class courier. This painting is thoroughly packaged by skilled professionals who are experienced in fine art protection.

    Please allow 1-2 weeks for Stella to prepare the painting for delivery.

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