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About the Art

Welcome to my studio!
I am Stella Löninger, a 26 year old contemporary fine art painter. My studio is currently based in Salzburg, Austria.
My artworks are inspired by the element of water, myths, different cultures and magical elements.
With my art I try to create an enchanted, mysterious and timelessly beautiful world.

My Inspiration


"True art is not about depicting, it is about evoking."

Water as natural mystical force and source of energy fascinates me and plays an important role in the conception of my art as well as ethereal, mysterious elements. The moon and the stars are recurring elements in my paintings due to their mystical symbolic character. I paint with rare and precious materials such as 24 carat gold leaf, genuine mother-of-pearl and abalone shell on canvas, wood, mirrors, and plexiglass.  These elements give my paintings a unique character, each one is different and the play of colors changes with the angle of observation.

My Vision

"For me, art is a way to transport my dreams and visions to the world and connect with her."

I look for the magic in my works, a world that is beautiful and mysterious. "The world today is disenchanted," said the famous sociologist, Max Weber once. I try to restore this magic with my paintings and create a dreamy atmosphere in which the viewer's mind  and thoughts can float away to another world.


Artist Bio


"A childhood full of fairy tales leads to an adulthood full of dreams."

I have been painting since I was a child and my grandparents in particular gave me great support. Growing up in the town of Gmunden am Traunsee in Upper Austria, the river and the lake were one of the most important aspects of my childhood. My grandfather, who is a passionate fisherman, told me good night stories of mermaids, nymphs and mermen and regularly took me to fish with him. My childhood was full of fairytales and long summer nights spent by the lakeside. My grandfather passed away from illness in September 2021, but my memory of him stays alive through my art. I miss him much.

"Touching just one person with my art means for me to be successful as an artist."

I decided to go for an artistic training and attended the higher educational institute for artistic design in Linz. After graduation, I moved to the beautiful city of Salzburg to start studying sociology and cultural studies. During my studies I was drawn to the canvas again and again and in 2018 I decided to set up my own studio as a freelance artist. Since then I have been working on my artistic development in Salzburg and can now count people from all over the world among my collectors.

I can't express how thankful I am for all of my supporters and clients who put their trust in me. If I am able to touch just one single person with my paintings I know I have been successful as an artist.


Photo by Chris Perkles/Kunsthilfe


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