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The fabulous world of Lena Stöllinger

22. December 2021
Weekend Magazin

During the lockdown, the young Upper Austrian Lena Stöllinger turned to painting in her adopted home of Salzburg and has since experienced amazing things.

Mermaiding in Salzburg

24. January 2021
Salzburger Nachrichten

Lena Stöllinger (aka Stella Löninger) prefers to paint mermaids and the ocean. The young artist thus meets the taste of young American women. "Mermaiding" is a trend in the USA. Photo by Anna Boschner

TV-Interview with artist Stella Löninger

15. Januar 2021
Salzburger Nachrichten

Stella Löninger is a young artist from Gmunden and dreams of her own studio in Salzburg. Click on the link to wtach the full interview on Youtube.

"What art means to me"
Interview with Stella Löninger by FS1 Salzburg.
25. February 2021

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